People on Instagram get thousands of likes on a post and millions of followers on an account. These feats are giant, impressive and seem impossible but it is possible. The big movers of Instagram (accounts with large followers, likes and views) have mastered the art of building an attractive Instagram profile.


Content creators arise in folds daily on Instagram and unfortunately, their profile says a different thing than their content says. The profile is your chance to introduce yourself and your brand to followers. If done right, thousands of intending followers or customers will follow your page triggering better sales, improved views and larger followings.


Learn these three ways to improve your Instagram profile;

Active username and Quality profile picture

People search for you with your username. This means that a username is your first chance to introduce yourself. It is recommended that a username be simple, unique and descriptive. Compare @Marcusmagazine to @M.mag, which would you take seriously?


The former describes what the brand is about (Magazine production), it is also simple and unique compared to the latter which is unattractive. Note that special characters like a full stop, an underscore, “The” and others can be used to make your username unique.


Beside your username and profile picture is your number of posts, followers and followings. Large followers stimulate respect from intending followers. You can visit to get help with getting engaging followers and large likes on your posts.


A profile picture says a lot about a person, normally, people use their picture but you could use a simple but aesthetic graphic and maybe even the logo of your brand. Whichever one you are using, take background, resolution and contrast to mind. Also, properly edit your picture to fit into the 1:1 frame of Instagram.

Optimized bio

The bio part of an Instagram profile is where most content creators shoot themselves in the leg. It is not enough that you appear when people search for your username, certain keywords on your bio should put you on search results too.


Aside from SEO (search engine optimisation) keywords to boost your appearance on search results, Hashtags are a great way to be found. Include relevant hashtags on your profile to be discovered. 


A call to action has to be in your bio. CTA is a way to further interact with users, it can be a link to your website or your latest product. CTA could even be a link to claim a free ebook.

Story highlights

Highlights allow your followers to see stories that have lasted for more than 24 hours. Users will most likely view your highlights before your posts so it needs to be great. 


Instagram highlights are categorized stories. That means that similar stories go under a category. You can create as many highlights as you want but it is advised to keep to a reasonable number. For a business brand, your highlights can include About us, reviews, employees get-togethers, the latest products and many more.


Utilize story highlights to inform new followers and influence intending followers. If done right, your highlights should attract and hook users. A good highlight has good sound ( if audio) and is clear (if picture). 


You could create an enormous amount of content on Instagram but if you don’t drive traffic to them, your followers may not increase and likes/views will not improve. Driving traffic from other social media is great but a good profile makes them stay committed to seeing new content from you. Go improve your profile now!


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