Without a silk saree, a traditional Indian event is incomplete. The six yards of elegance are a picture of majesty and kingship. Sarees are always gratefully received as gifts or as expressions of affection. It is the ideal time to purchase gifts for your family, friends, and yourself as Vishu, Tamil Puthandu, and Good Friday are just a week away. Here, pure silk saree wholesale suppliers present to you the stunning 7 silk sarees that you must not overlook.
Here are 7 types of silk sarees:
Silk sarees are created with silk thread that is extracted from silkworm cocoons and then weaved to produce the exquisite silk sarees. Here are 7 kinds of women’s silk sarees that are ideal for formal events.
1. Assam Silk Saree
This exquisite sea green saree with flower embroidery can enhance the beauty of ladies of various ages and shapes. From ancient times, Assam silk sarees have been renowned for their labour-intensive production and fine workmanship. The traditional silk saree from Assam is entirely handwoven.
2. Banarasi Silk Saree
Banarasi silk sarees are renowned for their gold work, compact weaving, and intricately detailed designs, which elude wealth and sophistication. You would look like a princess if you pair this silk bend emerald green saree with appropriate jewellery. It offers you an expensive look.
3. Kanchipuram Art Silk Saree
The body of the saree and the pallu are woven separately and then interwoven together in a zig-zag pattern, which is unique to Kanchipuram silk sarees. According to legend, Gods dress in silk from Kanchipuram.
4. Baluchari Silk Saree
The mythical figures on the pallu of the baluchari silk sari, which are well-known, have won awards for the principal weaving techniques used in the sari. This fascinating silk saree is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe because of the intricate intricacies and exquisite weaving that depict scenes from the Nawab of Bengal’s life, including women smoking hookahs and nawabs riding in horse carriages.
5. Bomkai Silk Saree
This handloom silk saree comes from the Bomkai, Ganjam area of Orissa and is regarded as a symbol of prosperity and success. This silk saree, in eye-catching hues with a weave of fish and floral designs, is a sophisticated option to conquer the day in style.
6. Chanderi Silk Saree
Chanderi is one of the most loved silk sarees as it is lightweight, smooth and soft. The sheer and unique motifs on its fabric give it an interesting look oozing feminine elegance and royal power. It’s one of the finest types of silk sarees of Madhya Pradesh.
7. Mysore Silk Crepe Saree
The ideal silk saree for ceremonial events is one of them. The Mysore silk saree is soft buttery silk that shines without much bling giving it a subtle sheen and refined touch. It has a regal mood with gold Zari.
Which of the seven kreezal silk sarees described above has your heart? Let us know in the comments section. Dress to impress with silk sarees to dominate the day!


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