If you’re looking for a premium home in Gurgaon, Ashiana Amarah is the place to be. It offers a great living experience and excellent connectivity to schools, colleges, and other important destinations.

The community focuses on creating a stimulating environment for children to learn, discover, and grow. It is a unique residential project that prioritizes their education and development into well-rounded individuals.

Luxury Living in Gurgaon

A life settled in the surroundings of comfort and serenity. A highly coveted address.

Positioned on the horizon of Gurgaon, the city between cities, the freshening and the natural flow of light in all rooms will leave you fascinated!

With a lot of well-planned services, this housing development is planned for a luxurious lifestyle like no other.

It is located in the cosmopolitan New Gurgaon, which has been undergoing rapid growth. It is surrounded by several schools and hospitals, as well as shopping and entertainment hubs.

The project is spread across 22 acres with 6.7 acres of green space, offering ample opportunities for families to enjoy the outdoors. It also features a 27,000 square foot clubhouse that serves as a central gathering point for the community.

Amarah by Ashiana Homes is a community that prioritizes children’s education and development while offering a satisfying lifestyle. It offers a variety of different 3BHK + 2T and 3BHK + 3T luxury apartments for families to choose from.

A Kid-Centric Home

A kid-centric home is a unique housing project that offers the ideal environment to help kids develop a strong sense of self and learn life skills. This concept has become increasingly popular with parents because it helps them raise their children in a healthy and positive way.

As most parents struggle to find quality time for their children, these types of homes have become the solution. They provide a safe and secure place for kids to play and meet their friends.

In a child-centric home, the location is an important consideration because it should be in close proximity to reputed schools and colleges. This will ensure that your kids can study and stay healthy without having to worry about pollution and traffic issues.

Real estate developer Ashiana Housing has launched a new kid-centric housing project in Gurgaon called ASHIANA AMARAH. Spread over 22 acres in Sector 93, this development will provide 224 residential units to families with small children.

A Street-Styled Play Arena

A street-styled play arena is a fun way to get your little ones into the game. From a dry fountain to hopscotch and a hologram worthy maze, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more engaging experience for your little ones. Best of all, it’s all within reach.

Located at the heart of Ashiana Amarah in Gurgaon, it’s a hefty 22 acres plus 6.7 acre of green spaces and boasts a 27000 sqft clubhouse to boot.

A Learning Hub

Spanned across 22.1 acres, Amara by Ashiana is a kid-centric home that offers luxury amenities like a learning hub and a club. Based on four key attributes – Learn, Nurture, Support, and Care, the project is designed to nurture your kids’ growth and development.

Students in primary school need spaces that let them play and enjoy, making it easier for them to focus on their lessons. This is why an efficient learning hub is a must have – it gives them the freedom to be themselves, which boosts their self-esteem and makes them eager to learn.

The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) has launched The Learning Hub, an online platform that provides free access to a plethora of learning content. It includes videos, webinars and guides to help development actors strengthen their practice and empower communities. The Hub’s content combines global best practice with local knowledge, drawing on AKF’s 50-year experience in international development. It covers the most critical areas of development today – agriculture and food security, climate resilience, civil society strengthening, early childhood development, education, health and nutrition, and work and enterprise.



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