To think you can only play games or watch people stream on Twitch is mundane thinking. The benefit of twitch extends from entertainment to making profits, becoming an expert and building influence. 


For these reasons, you cannot afford to be on an amateur level for long on Twitch, you have to become intermediate or expert after a certain time. Becoming an expert won’t just build followers, it makes them come back for more.


Becoming an expert is not easy however, you have to know the causes of your amateurism and how to move past them. Some of the causes include;

Subpar content

It is true that Twitch is a video streaming platform but does all content get visibility?

No, this is mainly because amateurs do not understand the basics of creating content that serves your viewers and helps to achieve your Twitch goals. 


To begin, the title of your videos should suit the video content. After choosing the title, you can now proceed to present your content in a way that hooks viewers. Also, beginners on Twitch forget that there is no entertainment without interaction. You must interact with viewers through the chat feature to keep them coming back, you could also allow non-followers to communicate with you. This puts you and your channel on their mind and increases the possibility of them liking your channel. 


The inconsistency of posts is another reason you can be on a beginner level. Consider scheduling your videos to help with this. If you wish to take a break, inform your viewers about it and don’t forget that competition arises every day. All the solutions provided for subpar content help you to increase your views on Twitch. More views equal more profit and more influence. You could also buy Twitch viewers instantly to increase views on your videos or maybe consider playing popular games 

Bad video and audio quality.

Streaming video of bad quality with unstable audio does not only scream amateur, it reduces views and activities on your channel by encouraging video lagging. There is nothing viewers hate more than a stuttering video.


Your videos should have good lighting and perfect audio. Moving forward, go through Twitch’s recommended video and audio quality to be sure you are on the right track.

Not optimising the Twitch channel page

 Even if an amateur on Twitch manages to be found through a search, a glance at an un-optimized profile reduces their interest in your videos. First, your bio should be optimized, this translates to using less than 500 characters to introduce yourself.


Then, use profile and banner pictures with high quality. Also, include links to your website or other social media to connect and drive traffic there. 

Not adhering to Twitch community guidelines and terms of use/service

Some principles guide viewers and channels on Twitch. Not considering those principles is a sure way to remain on an amateur level, get banned or permanent removal from Twitch.  


To help with this, always check updated guidelines so that you and your video content do not violate the rules.


Other reasons why you can remain at an amateur level on twitch include;

  • Not having a niche and target audience
  • Bad graphics
  • Using broadcasting software that does not produce the best output.


If you analyze the causes discussed in this article, utilize the solutions provided and have a little patience, it won’t be long before you become an expert on Twitch. Remember you can’t afford to be a beginner for too long if you want to be relevant on Twitch.



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