MoE cooperates with to enhance and expand computer science education throughout the UAE
MoE cooperates with to enhance and expand computer science education throughout the UAE

A modern, digital society requires computer science education. A high level of value is placed on CS learning by students, parents, teachers, and administrators in Year 2. Approximately Nine out of ten parents believe that school resources should be used to teach computer science. The support for computer science learning remains strong, but not all students have access to it.

In School Classes,

There are many opportunities for learning. Many students, however, are introduced to CS through their schooling CS can be integrated into other classes and clubs sponsored by the school. The number of opportunities to learn CS is increasing, but they are not universally accessible.

More specifically, 40% of principals report that their students have access to at least one CS class in Year 2 In Year 1, 25% of students majored in computer programming or coding. Few parents have specifically approached school officials about CS, despite the fact that the majority of parents value the subject.

Education Does Not Report That CS Is A Priority In Their Classrooms,

Nor do educators express support for CS in the classroom. Education does not report that CS is a priority in their classrooms, nor do educators express support for CS in the classroom. School/district may be hindering CS offerings. Teachers and funds are two of the biggest barriers to offering CS in Year 1.

School districts continue to report that they have too many other classes that require support. Some schools are reluctant to add CS courses due to testing for students. Those in lower grades.

Computer Science Is A Field That Is Growing Rapidly,

And is also among the highest paying in the world. It is unfortunate that the number of Computer Science teachers and students is declining. Student exposure to technology and resources, as well as encouragement to explore the world of computer science, play an important role in this.

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Hadi Partovi, CEO and founder of, and His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Almualla, Undersecretary for Academic Affairs at MoE, signed the Memorandum of Understanding. As one of our key goals, Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi aims to eradicate digital illiteracy and expand computer science education throughout the UAE.

A Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU),

Was signed between the Ministry of Education and to enhance computer science education in the United Arab Emirates. At a ceremony held during the World Government Summit 2023 (WGS2023), His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Almualla, Undersecretary for Academic Affairs at the Ministry of Education, and Hadi Partovi, CEO and founder of, signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

He was joined by senior officials from both parties to sign the agreement. His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, attended the signing ceremony.

As A Key Objective Of The Ministry,

His Excellency Dr. Al Falasi emphasized eradicating digital illiteracy and expanding computer science education. To improve students’ computational thinking skills, His Excellency mentioned that computer science will be included at all educational levels, starting with kindergarten.

As part of the ministry’s efforts, teachers will also be trained in digital skills in order to contribute to building a knowledge-based society and prepare today’s generation for employment in the future. In his remarks, His Excellency Dr. Al Falasi noted: “We work in accordance with the leadership’s directives to develop the country’s education system for the future.” To improve the education system, we collaborate with our partners from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, including the dissemination of computer science education and the integration of artificial intelligence.

In Serving These Goals And Aspirations,

We are certain that this strategic partnership with will help.” CEO and founder Hadi Partovi said, “It is imperative to modernize primary and secondary education curriculums, including computer science and AI, so that the next generation is prepared for the foundational skills of tomorrow.”Creating technology and not only using it will be a key goal of our partnership with UAE’s Ministry of Education.” Computer science education in the country will be promoted through four aspects of the collaboration.

As part of these efforts, students, teachers, parents, and various social groups should be made aware of the importance of computer science; resources and curriculum should be provided in Arabic; teachers should be trained at all levels to ensure that they are competent to teach computer science; and after-school programming should be allocated for computer science.

United Arab Emirates has started embedding AI tools across its education system for the first time during WGS2023. Microsoft OpenAI partners with GPT to integrate GPT-powered AI tutors into the education system.

Education In Computer Science Is Expanded In The UAE:

Students are learning skills they’ll need for their future careers through computer science education (CS). However, education continues to face deep opportunity gaps, preventing everyone from accessing those skills equally. Our mission at Google is to provide access to educational opportunities for everyone, no matter what their socioeconomic status, background, race, or geographic location may be.

Today, we’re expanding our long-term commitment to support nonprofits with a $20 million investment to expand access to CS education to more than 11 million students across the United States, including The Hidden Genius Project. With this commitment, we have committed over $240 million since 2004 to CS education. 


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