If you’re looking for ways to keep up with your law enforcement operations, consider using excel spreadsheets. These tools are designed to be accessible on any device and offer features such as charts & graphs, conditional formatting, pivot tables, and built-in formulas.

These spreadsheets will help you organize and interpret a range of data from homicides, other violent deaths, non-lethal assaults, and incidents of collective violence. They can also analyze and visualize crime data for future planning and resource allocations.


Training is a vital process that allows organizations to improve performance and help their employees become more effective. Clear training objectives will enable employees to focus their efforts and save time.

One of the best ways to determine the training that your agency needs is to ask your employees. They know what they need and want to do better, and they may be able to provide you with valuable information about the types of training that are required within your organization.

Another way to determine the type of training you need is to review your department’s goals and objectives. Based on these, you can develop a training plan that meets your specific needs and supports your goals.


An incident is an unplanned, unwanted event that may cause injury, property damage, or a near miss. It can also result in a significant loss of productivity, which is often considered an accident.

When an incident occurs, a safety manager should first determine whether it was a legitimate incident or just a minor issue that could be resolved with simple training and preventive measures. The difference between an incident and an accident is essential for several reasons.

Aside from being used to identify incidents, an incident management solution helps organizations track their service performance and resolve problems quickly and effectively. By eliminating noise, optimizing workflows, and providing notifications, an incident management platform can help businesses eliminate bottlenecks and improve resolution.

Law enforcement excel spreadsheets provide detailed data about law enforcement officers killed and assaulted in 2018. The files are compressed using WinZip software and are available as a download. Tables 1-79 will be available in Spring 2019, while Tables 80-133 will be released in Fall 2019. Using an Excel spreadsheet is a powerful tool for data analysis.

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Police officers have a wide array of equipment and supplies to protect themselves, manage incidents, and respond to crimes. Some equipment is common to all police forces, while others are specific to a particular department or special unit.

For example, some of the most common pieces of equipment include body cameras, binoculars, field glasses, fingerprint stations and accessories, and evidence kits. These tools help law enforcement personnel collect and organize crime scene evidence.

These are all essential tools in law enforcement officers’ arsenal and help protect their lives and those around them. However, some police officers also use additional equipment that can be classified as illegal, such as extra weapons (e.g., a spare handgun or a confiscated knife).

The good news is that there are software systems that can help with these tasks. For example, PlanIt Schedule services over 550 law enforcement agencies nationwide and is built to help them with 24/7 scheduling, minimum staffing, overtime hours, and more.


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