A home is a safe space that people love to personalize. Everyone has particular ideas of what makes a house a dream house. While some prefer cozy homes, others prefer lavish, maximalist homes. Though there are many options available in the market today, there’s a definitive leaning toward luxury properties among a growing segment of homeowners.

Wondering what makes for a luxury home? Luxury real estate developers are here to give you a clear idea.

Elements of a grand home according to luxury real estate developers

Many important factors play a role in developing a luxury home. They have certain special features that set them apart. Experts from leading real estate developers in Kolkata have mentioned them below:


The most important thing that sets a luxury home apart is the amount and quality of security that they receive. Most luxury homes are in a gated society which automatically enhances the quality of security. These societies have watchmen who ensure that no stranger enters the premises. Additionally, if not a gated society, luxury homes have features that ensure a hundred percent security for the sake of the families they house such as video intercoms, smart doorbells, 24×7 surveillance cameras, and the like.

Home Decor

The next most important factor that sets apart a home from a luxury home is the decor. While a normal household is usually decorated by the people living there, luxury homes are decorated by decorators. Luxury homes also incorporate famous artwork like paintings and sculptures to give them that luxe appeal. They also follow the latest decor trends to keep up with the times.

Fantastic View

Another major factor that sets luxury homes apart is the view. At the end of the day when people come home, they would want to come home to a great view and a peaceful environment. This is very important for luxury homeowners as it is also one of the major selling points of such homes. A view overlooking the greenery or lakesides is something people look forward to and residential property developers make sure that interested property owners get the view they want.

Smart home features

Smart homes are becoming the newest trend in the world. With developing technology, it is easy to make any kind of home a smart home. These include cutting-edge solutions such as lights, appliances, and ACs that are remotely controlled by an internet network. Some of the major technological changes that make a home a smart home are automatically adjustable thermostats, automatic curtains, and more solutions like motion-censored lights and cameras.

Lavish Kitchen and bathrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens are very important parts of a house. A good-looking kitchen makes food even more delicious and cooking fun. Additionally, it aids in the aesthetics of the house and the overall mood of a luxury home. Bathrooms, on the other hand, should not only cater to the overall aesthetics but also ensure functionality. Bathrooms in luxury homes have bathtubs, different types of shower heads, and in some cases, speakers in the walls which are good options if you want to be surrounded by luxury.


Many types of homes cater to different kinds of audiences. People who prefer luxury homes look for different kinds of aesthetics that would help them relax and make their lifestyle better. Even though luxury and aesthetics are subjective, there are only a couple of things that stand out and define an extravagant home. The above are some of the basic amenities that set apart a luxury home from a regular home as per luxury real estate developers. Hope these tips helped you understand the difference.


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