After a few months on Youtube, you and your viewers should notice a significant change and improvement in your content, followers and engagements. Many people sign up to use and optimize Youtube but unfortunately, they remain amateurs and beginners for too long.


Whatever your reason is for being on Youtube, there is an invisible timeline for you to try content that works, strategies that perform and engagement that increase followers. Competition arises every day and so, you should not be on a beginner level for long. What to leave amateur-level competence?


Journey down this article to understand the reasons and what to do to leave the beginner zone.

Content problem

Video content is the life of Youtube. Not only does your content need to be different and unique but it also needs to evolve with trends and time. Here are a few ways content contributes to your being an amateur;


1 Generic content: There are hundreds if not thousands of people on YouTube doing similar things that you do. This means that to hook viewers and get views, your content has to be different and unique. Ensure your content is not off-topic and is original.


2 Not optimizing content: Your content competes with other creators’ so there is a need to add things to boost your content. To help, consider optimizing content titles, use relevant SEO tags and include descriptions in your content. 


3 Video and audio of less quality: Not only does poor quality video and audio irritate viewers but it also reduces your engagement and views. Rather than posting content of less quality consider investing in good camera equipment that produces sound audio.


In addition, there is no room for inconsistency if you want to upgrade from an amateur level on Youtube. You can’t go on very long breaks either. Your competitors are waiting and you need your metrics too. If you want to take a break from social media, consider using scheduled posts to continuously engage subscribers. 

Instant gratification

Expecting growth immediately after you post on your channel is a sure way for you to fail on Youtube. Followers and views do not magically grow, they are built. To grow followers and accounts, you have to be patient and do the due diligence. 


Creating and following a content plan that fits your niche and personality is a way to leave the amateur level. You could also buy youtube views for cheap to grow views on your videos.


Another way to grow followers is to use good thumbnails. Thumbnails are small-sized pictures that introduce your video. Most performing/viral video on Youtube uses thumbnail. You cannot immediately grow views or followers on your channels but the explained solutions will surely elevate them.

Not using analytics and insights tools 

Pushing content out without checking performance is one of the things beginners do on Youtube. You need to constantly use analytical tools to know what works and what does not.


Insight tools allow you to see views on your channel, total watch time, subscribers and lots more. Utilize the tools to know which content is performing and needs be to optimize. You could drive traffic from other social media platforms to further increase engagement on performing posts. 


In conclusion, Youtube has enormous benefits for users who know their onions. You cannot afford to be an amateur, your views and profits will be at stake.



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