In the kids mobile game section, Slashy is an absolute delight. An extremely simple Hyper-Casual Game where the user just has to break the discs is what Slashy is all about. Actually, all of the Hyper-Casual Games are like this only. Minimal Graphics, Easy to Access Gameplay, and Thrilling Levels constitute a Casual Game. 

Slashy is a perfect exercise to do in your leisure time. You just have to install it in your smartphone and with just one click, you would be able to burst the discs presented before you. To know more about its interesting features, simply read the following paragraphs.

  1. Over 300 Outstanding Levels

There are more than 300 entertaining Levels for you to play in Slashy. First off, in the Level 1 itself, there are 3 discs that are around a Big Slice Plate which is present in the center of the screen. Place the upcoming slice on the center plate and burst them all. That’s just all about it. Now, it is worth noting that at every odd level the disc will increase by 1. 

For instance, there will be 4 and 5 discs in Levels 3 and 5, respectively. This will keep on going till Level 11 where the level will reach the maximum number, that is 8. From Level 13, the number will again reset to 3, and the cycle will go on and on. So, keep on bursting all those discs. 

2. The Rotation and the Revolution

After crossing the threshold of a certain number of levels, these discs will start rotating and revolving. Firstly, the discs will revolve in an anti clockwise direction around the slice plate and the plate will rotate in a clockwise manner on its own axis. 

You will feel that you are sitting in the heart of the solar system. The bursting would become much more challenging and exciting by virtue of this extraordinary behavior of the discs. 

3. Partition of the Discs

 So, when the game commences, there would be 3 partitions or divisions in the discs. It will change after every 12th level. To illustrate with an example, from Level 1 to Level 12, the discs will have 3 divisions, and these will change subsequently. 

The maximum number of divisions is 6. After reaching it, the partition will again reset to 3. Hence, more divisions, the more fun the bursting of discs would become. 

4. The Cute Little Props of Slashy

As I have already mentioned, the discs need to be broken by the slices. Now, you will have a wide range of options to choose from your favorite slice. To put more clarification, Slices are also known as Props. After completing every twelfth level, a new prop will be unlocked. Slashy is loaded with a bunch of cute props. Some of these are – 

  • A Pizza Slice
  • A Button
  • A Crystal Ball
  • A Wall Clock 
  • An Orange Slice
  • A Football

So, breaking these cute little props increases the fun manifold. Unlock them all and make your Slashy journey more exciting. 

5. The Timer and Movesets of the Game

You cannot take forever to complete a level. Moreover, it is a well-established fact that an individual performs well under pressure. Therefore, to make Slashy more thrilling, the movesets and timer are introduced. Till Level 49, there are certain movesets within which you have to complete that particular level. 

From Level 49, a Countdown Timer will take place of the movesets. This will go on till Level 96, from where the movesets will restore their place. Finally, the movesets and the timer clock will keep on alternating in a similar pattern till the end of the game. So, break the discs but do keep in mind about the stipulated time. 


In amalgamation of the above, Slashy is a classic puzzle game that any kid can play and do something worthwhile with his/her time. Although I have mentioned kids, Slashy can be enjoyed by the elderly as well. People from any age group can easily play this game and enjoy it to the fullest. So, without losing any second of your life, get this game for free from The App Store or The Play Store and start bursting.

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