Choosing best webinar platform

A webinar is a tool that overtakes most of the popular marketing tools when it comes to building a brand image and generating and nurturing leads. The webinar is a multipurpose marketing tool that organizations can use for training employees, product demonstration, sharing knowledge, and E-learning. Webinar platforms can help you host a webinar that can be effective for the success of your brand or organization. 

So if you are wondering how to market your webinar here are some do and do-n’t tips for webinar success. 

Overview Of Webinar

Before we dive into the topic here is a little overview of what is webinar.

A webinar is a live event that is broadcasted to certain individuals online. A webinar can be live or pre-recorded. For webinar management and planning you can use a webinar hosting service. There are various types of webinars from on-demand webinars to product demonstrations. Webinars are popular for the engagement and traffic they can attract. 

Do’s Of Marketing A Webinar 

Here are some do’s for webinar marketing

1. Do Make A Script 

Decide the topic for your webinar and create a script. It is better to be prepared in advance. And when you create the script make sure you practice it. It is important to practice because it will make you fluent and you will know how to talk about the topic and what to say. The script will maintain the flow of the webinar. When you create the script, have space for improvisations if needed. If you feel that your audience is not able to connect and engage, try to improvise your content in real-time. 

2. Do Ask Questions Frequently 

Asking questions frequently during the webinar will ensure engagement. You can interact with your audience through question-and-answer sessions. Because webinars are two-way interactions, asking questions will ensure that interaction stays alive, otherwise, your audience can feel like they are just listening to a presentation. Most of the webinar organizers keep question-answer sessions for the end of the webinar, but it will be more effective and impactful if you ask questions in between the session instead of keeping them for the last.

3. Do Choose The Right Webinar Platform 

Choosing the best webinar service provider or platform is vital for your webinar. These platforms can make it or break it for you. Choose the platform that provides top-notch webinar services and ensures quality service at a reasonable price. With a webinar platform, there is a huge scope of customizations, you can create more personalized user experiences. 

While selecting a webinar platform you will have to keep certain things in mind for instance budget of webinar sessions, your audience size, and platform services and features. Compare different platforms, test them and see which platform suits best for your webinar. 

4. Do Make Appealing Presentations

When you are hosting a webinar you will need to create some presentations for your webinar sessions. So make sure you are using quality visuals for your presentations. Attendees mostly don’t want to read so much data and texts and because of this, the reason it is better to create some good quality visuals for presentations during the webinar. 

Don’t Of Marketing A Webinar 

Here are a few things that you should be avoiding if you are hosting a webinar. You can also follow some basic webinar management tips to make your online webinar event successful.

1. Don’t Go Off Topic 

This is something that you should never do in your live webinar session, yes because they are so many attendees and they might ask different questions as a presenter or a host you can feel a little overwhelmed and you might go off the topic but to ensure that it doesn’t happen you should prepare a script because you are prepared with the script in advance it will become easier to be back on the track. Don’t talk irrelevant during the webinar make sure you are providing quality content, because that is the reason why your attendees have joined your event. 

2. Don’t Pick Any Random Time 

The time and date of your webinar session matter a lot so don’t just pick any random time and date for your webinar session. Make sure you conduct proper research before you disclose the date and time of your event and make sure you are not hosting a webinar session on weekdays during peak office or working hours because in that case, your traffic will be very low. To attract more audience you will have to find a date and time that suits most of your audience. 

3. Don’t Ignore Technical Aspects 

The technical aspects of your webinar are crucial; you can just dive in and host a webinar session without running a check for your technical equipment. Because you will be using a lot of technology, you should always test them before you go live for your webinar session, because you surely don’t want technical errors and glitches in between your webinars, and don’t go in with just a single piece of equipment. Make sure you have a back for all the equipment that you are using during the webinar session. 

4. Don’t Compromise On Content Quality 

The quality of the content that you will be providing during the webinar matters a lot and you can’t skimp the quality of your content. The information or content that you are providing should be relevant and useful for your audience. The content and knowledge is the reason why your attendees are joining your event so make sure that you provide that content. You can share some notes, pdfs, and documents during or after the webinar sessions as additional pieces of content. You can also record your webinar and share it with all your attendees after the event, so they can rewatch it. 

The Bottom Line

Just like any other event, even webinars need a lot of planning and preparation. While you are hosting a webinar there are certain things that you should keep in your mind and this do’s and don’ts list can help you in creating a successful webinar. If you keep all the do’s in your mind and avoid all the don’ts you can easily host a webinar that can attract a huge audience.  


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