Given the number of occupations of women, men have decided to open the doors of the kitchen. Many out of necessity, because they don’t have a wife or job; others because they see cooking as a hobby and a space to put their creativity to the test in search of the perfect seasoning.

It is not true that when they enter the kitchen a catastrophe occurs.
Nor that they can starve if their wives have to go on a trip and they have to cook. And much less that the eggs or boiled water burns them.

Beyond the telephone directory to place one or another order at the restaurant of their choice, men have decided to jump into the kitchen and find their true seasoning.

So much so, that on occasions they have made these creations their true weapons of conquest.
And it is that the man who should not go to the kitchen out of necessity but for pleasure, makes gastronomy a true creative tool to conquer the senses.

With all the senses
the aromas of pepper begin to conquer the kitchen. The hands will be essential to marinate or dress, there will be nothing better than playing with the colors of the ingredients and presenting a decorated dish that definitely catches the eye.

The ear will be attentive to the sound of that grill, and finally the taste will be in charge of finding the ideal point of salt, pepper, sauces and a secret touch.

Men who love cooking are clear about this game of senses.

Vanguardia Liberal spoke with a father and husband who love cooking, who told readers where the magic lies when preparing a maiden breaded in Italian sauce.

In the same way, expert chefs from the city highlighted the main characteristics to make the kitchen a place for men to have fun creating.

In Fabio Olaya’s kitchen
for this husband and father, cooking is ‘a whole ceremony’. His good taste and his palate began with the cooking of his grandmother María from a very young age.

Among his hobbies is not only fishing, but cooking what he manages to catch after a walk with bait on his shoulder.

The kitchen ritual can start at Cabo de la Vela if he wants it.

That is why river and sea food become his specialty.


Filleted maidens, Flour, Eggs, Mushrooms, diced red, yellow and green paprika, Cream cheese

1 Bread the fish by first dipping it into the already beaten eggs. Later add the flour that can be accompanied by soda cookies.

2 After breading, take it to the grill, over medium heat until it is golden brown. Don’t forget the olive oil.

3 Remove it and take it to the refractory that contains the Italian sauce.

4 On the maiden apply the cream cheese and on top of it decorate with diced red, green and yellow peppers. Apply pepper and a touch of salt.

5 Take it to the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes and enjoy it.

How to make Italian sauce
Sauté olive oil with garlic, onion, tomato without seeds or peel. Add a touch of white or red wine. You can also choose sherry or brandy. Add fresh or dried Italian spices such as oregano, rosemary, and basil.

‘in our cultural system, the great chefs of the world have not been women but men. It seems that within our patriarchal culture, the approach of man to the domestic and culinary environment was accepted as long as it was referred to showing a work in which he had extraordinary recognition.

Traditionally there was a validation of the man’s work in the kitchen, because being a chef was a special circumstance.

But I think there is a change, because we mothers are teaching our children to cook, to put on a button, taking into account that people are now living alone, all from these changes in modernity.

But in general terms, women are more modern, we are more at the forefront, we already recognize ourselves as chefs, now we are beginning to see prestigious women in this matter.

What do the people of Bumangues say
? How do they do when their preppy kitchen husband cook for them?
‘my husband is doing very well because he likes to cook, he does it out of pleasure and not out of obligation. His specialty is Italian food, he is very creative in the kitchen and very resourceful. I really don’t have any idea of ​​cooking, luckily he likes it because I prepare a cereal and it looks bad on me (laughs)’.

Marcela Carvajal
My preppy kitchen husband is doing better than when I have to cook. I’ve always had good luck with that. He makes very rich breakfasts, the eggs suit him very well, not to mention the salmon’.

Ana Katalina Torres
‘I do very well with my husband, he cooks delicious. His specialty is crepes, waffles. I’m doing very badly even with cereal with milk, but I was doing a basic cooking diploma at the Superior School of Gastronomy. I had no idea how to fry an egg but I already know how to make broths’.


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