Are you a comic book enthusiast looking for a new way to add to your collection? Or maybe you’re a newbie to the comic book world and want to start your journey with a bang! Look no further than Multivers Comics, an online comic book store that offers comic mystery boxes to satisfy your curiosity and love for comics. Comic mystery boxes are like a surprise gift for yourself, filled with comics that you may not have known existed, and rare collectible comics.

What are Comic Mystery Boxes?

Comic mystery boxes are a box of comics that you purchase without knowing exactly what is inside. It’s like Christmas morning when you unwrap your present, except that you get to indulge in your love for comics. When you purchase a comic mystery box from Multivers Comics, you’ll receive a selection of comics that our team of comic book experts have handpicked based on your preferences. You can choose from various themes, such as Marvel, DC, independent comics, or mixed boxes, so you receive comics that match your interests.

The Fun of Comic Mystery Boxes

The excitement of receiving a comic mystery box never gets old. It’s like a treasure hunt as you dig through the box to discover what rare comics you’ve received. You’ll find new comic titles you may not have known and rare collectible comics that will add value to your collection. The best part is that you can save money by purchasing a mystery box, as the value of the comics inside is worth more than the price of the box itself. It’s a win-win situation!


In conclusion, comic mystery box are an excellent way to start or add to your comic book collection. It’s a fun and exciting way to discover new comics and get rare collectibles that you may not have found otherwise. Multivers Comics offers a great selection of comic mystery boxes at affordable prices, making it easy for you to indulge in your love for comics. So, what are you waiting for? Order your comic mystery box today and let the fun begin!


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