Have you ever wanted to draw or design like a professional? Do you have an Apple pencil but don’t know how to use it properly? Well, you’re in luck! This guide provides all the information you need to unlock the potential of your Apple Pencil.

You’ll learn everything from how to set up your Pencil, where to find great drawing and design apps, tips and tricks for creating stunning art with your Pencil, and much more. And with our easy-to-follow instructions and helpful illustrations, you’ll be able to take full advantage of everything your Apple Pencil has to offer.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of your Apple pencil, this is it! Let’s get started and explore the world of drawing and designing with an Apple Pencil.

Introduction to the Apple Pencil

If you’re looking to create amazing artwork or wow-worthy designs on your iPad, the Apple Pencil is second to none. This sophisticated tool has made it possible for users of all kinds to draw, design and write with a level of accuracy, detail and expressiveness that wasn’t previously possible on an iPad. Not only is the Apple Pencil lightning fast in response time and pressure sensitivity, but it also comes with a variety of features that make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to let their creativity soar.

The first feature is its tilt support; the pencil can sense when you tilt it and responds accordingly so that your shading looks incredibly realistic. Plus, the pixel-perfect precision ensures that your lines are absolutely perfect. A pressure damped tip helps you draw with a natural feel as if you’re using a traditional pencil or pen, creating beautiful illustrations like never before. Finally, Apple has also created a magnetic connection between the Pencil and iPad so that you can charge it easily without having to search for cables or adapters.

These are only some of the many features of the Apple Pencil that make drawing on an iPad easier than ever before – and now you know why this incredible tool can help bring your creative vision to life with realistic precision.

Design and Drawing Basics With Apple Pencil

Congratulations, you have an Apple Pencil! Now what? To be able to use the Apple Pencil to its fullest potential for design and drawing tasks, the best place to start is understanding its basics.

First, familiarize yourself with the different techniques you can use when creating on an iPad with Apple Pencil. You can do a range of things like shading, crosshatches, outlining and other effects by not just tapping but also swiping and pressing harder or softer depending on the effect you’re looking for.

Second, practice getting used to the Apple Pencil itself. Familiarizing yourself with its form factor is key – knowing where to hold it and how hard or soft to apply pressure when drawing helps in getting great results. And if you happen to lose your Apple Pencil someday – don’t worry! With Find My app available on iOS devices and iCloud website, you can track and locate it just like any other Apple device. Learn how to find my Apple pencil

Finally, exploring iPad applications that work best with the Apple Pencil is a great way to develop your skills as a digital artist or designer. Get creative with apps like Procreate and Adobe Draw that offer different tools and options such as various brush types, stroke options, layer blending modes and more.

Customize Your Drawing Experience

When it comes to drawing with the Apple Pencil, how you do it is just as important as what you do. Customizing your drawing experience is essential for any artist, and with the Apple Pencil’s intuitive and easy-to-use design, that’s easy to do.

Here are the main elements of your drawing style you can control with the Apple Pencil:

  1. Pressure sensitivity: This one is pretty obvious—you can control the thickness of your lines by adjusting the pressure on your Apple Pencil as you draw. This will help create a much more natural look to your drawings and graphics, giving them life and depth.
  2. Tilt angle: Tilting your pencil changes the direction of the strokes, allowing you to create more intricate details (like making thin lines thicker).
  3. Speed of movement: Even at lower speeds, you can make precise lines and curves with the Apple Pencil—so don’t be afraid to take it slow!
  4. Eraser functionality: Drawing in a digital space means mistakes are no longer permanent! With just a few taps on the screen you can quickly erase any unwanted mess-ups without changing up your overall sketch or design.

No matter what kind of artist you are—from beginner to experienced pro—the Apple Pencil has all the features needed to make sure each drawing experience is personalized and tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

What Apps Should Every Artist Have?

If you’re an artist, there are a few apps you should have in your toolbox to get the most out of your Apple Pencil. Here are some of our top picks:


Procreate is our go-to choice when it comes to using the pencil. It has a wide selection of digital brushes, and you can customize your own if you don’t find what you’re looking for. Plus, Procreate supports multiple layers, pressure sensitivity and the ability to add text.


This app allows for both 2D and 3D vector drawing, which means you can make precise technical drawings with ease. It also supports pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition of the Apple Pencil, meaning that you get a more natural feeling while drawing—it’s just like using a real pencil but without the mess!

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Want something specifically made for vector graphics? Illustrator Draw gives you that with its vast library of templates and shapes specifically designed for sketching with an Apple Pencil. You can also easily share your artwork with other Adobe apps for further development.

Why not get creative with your art and try out these apps? With just the right combination of control and creative options, these apps provide plenty of opportunities to design like a pro—with an Apple Pencil!

Troubleshooting Tips for Apple Pencil Use

If you are having difficulty using your Apple Pencil, don’t worry! Even the most experienced digital artists run into hiccups when using their pencil. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you out:

Clean the bottom of the Apple Pencil

If your Apple Pencil is not connecting to your device, try cleaning the bottom of it. Lint and dust can accumulate on the surface over time, preventing a secure connection. To clean off any debris, simply use a soft cloth with a bit of water or another cleaning solution that’s compatible with your device.

Check that Bluetooth is On

Go into your settings, make sure you turn on Bluetooth and make sure it’s connected to your device. If Bluetooth isn’t enabled and/or connected, you won’t be able to use your Apple Pencil!

Make sure no apps are running in the background

Sometimes when you open an app with the Apple Pencil, there might be other apps running in the background and causing interference. Close any unnecessary apps (especially drawing apps) to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your pencil.

See if there are software updates available

Software updates have fixed many issues users have had with their Apple Pencil, so check if any of these would affect you. Updates could improve accuracy or fix connectivity issues so make sure to keep up-to-date with these kind of things!



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