Ayurveda in Parramatta

Ayurveda has been using a holistic approach since time immemorial. The principles on which ayurveda stands are applicable still today. It deals with those aspects of life that pertain to physicality, emotions, mentality, social matters, and spirituality. Ayurveda helps in improving health, prevent, and treating ailments. Ayurveda’s definition of health is a little different from the conventional definition of the same. It considers health to be a perfect balance of the constituents in the body, sound functioning of the senses and motor preceptors. Not to mention the mind and soul. It is popular throughout the world and can be found in almost any city. Ayurveda in Parramatta can be found easily through a simple Google search.’

Ayurvedic Massage

The ayurvedic massage is also known as Abhyanga. The massage entails the use of several essential oils depending on the massage required and other factors. The many benefits of Abhyanga include the release of tension from the muscles, lymphatic drainage, and the nourishment of skin from head to toe. It is different from regular massages as Abhyanga focuses on the skin instead of just the muscles underneath the skin. Abhyanga works on the Doshas in your body. The Doshas are the five elements that are earth, fire, water, air, and space.

What Are The Doshas?

Ayurvedic massages are carried out to treat the affected dosha which is causing the imbalance. The types of doshas are explained in detail:

  • Kapha: Kapha gives the body a rigid build, and brings about healthy digestion, vigour, and an overall sense of tranquillity. This dosha’s approach to stress is gentle. Excessive Kapha dosha can cause apathy, lethargy, obesity, and also depression. Ayurvedic treatment for digestive issues can be treated by working on the Kapha. Other than these, there may also arise allergies. This dosha tries to combat change and can be quite obstinate. A treatment that would stimulate the tissues can help this dosha because it is synonymous with lethargy.
  • Pitta: This dosha tends to be joyful, energetic, and friendly. The size and weight of this dosha are medium and boosts digestion as well. If it is not balanced, there would be a lack of focus and an increase of acid in the stomach that can cause ulcers, constant thirst, irritation, temper tantrums, inflammation, and fever. Massages like Abhyanga and Odyssey can calm the Pitta by releasing toxins and making the central nervous system.
  • Vata: This is a very active dosha. It symbolizes creativity and when it is in balance, Vata promises agility. The energy comes in bursts and there is also a likelihood of fatigue. In the case of Vata imbalance, there may be weight loss, constipation, arthritis, hypertension, digestive problems as well as restlessness. The Vata can benefit from treatments like Shirodhara, Odyssey, and Marna. Ayurvedic treatment for digestive issues can be carried out in this dosha.

What Are The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Massage?

  • Stimulation Of Blood Circulation: An ayurvedic massage can improve the circulation of blood in the body which further increases stamina and removes waste quickly. The internal organs will also be positively affected by this massage and tune up the body’s ability for toxin elimination.
  • Smoothens Skin: An ayurvedic massage will form a protective layer on the skin that will serve as protection against harmful external elements. The massage keeps the softness of the skin, supple, and the resistance against cracking is enhanced. Ayurvedic massage lubricates the skin and hydrates the ayurvedic oils. Older adults can benefit a lot from this massage.
  • Peace Of Mind: Ayurvedic massage helps in rejuvenating the nervous system, the mind, and the joints. It brings out a feeling of warmth that can further give rise to positive feelings about self and the surroundings. The treatment brings a feeling of serenity and also makes the brain resistant to stress and anxiety. The sleep cycle is also improved through ayurvedic massage.
  • Weight Loss: People are shelling out shocking amounts to lose weight and end up getting disappointed. Some work and some do not. Ayurveda considers excess weight an imbalance. The oils used in the massage act as fat burners and remove all impurities from the body.

Ayurveda Massage Strokes

The different ayurveda massage strokes are:

  • Abhyanga: This treatment uses strokes based on friction and oils that vary on the dosha. The oil penetrates the skin and the tissues to loosen the toxins. This treatment enhances circulation and the immune system and relaxes the mind and body.
  • Gandharva: This massage involves the combination of touch and sounds to improve the flow of energy. Warm, herbal oils feature in this treatment as well as crystal singing bowls to transform the cells of the body and make them vibrate.


There are other ayurvedic massage styles such as Shirodhara and Odyssey. The former includes work on the entire system of the client and is conducted by one or two practitioners. Shirodhara involves herbal oil being dropped on the forehead of the client. It works on the centre of intuition. The benefits of ayurveda include relaxation, stress reduction, and soothing the body among others. Ayurveda in Parramatta can be found easily as such treatments are in a lot of demand.


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