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Leather Jackets Companies in Australia

Leather jackets are supposedly a constant piece of clothing and there is no replacement for it either. They are classy in style and comfortable to wear. In our lives, we must have seen a group of people who have an excellent fashion sense and dressing style, yet they always end up wearing a leather jacket wherever they go, because apparently for them this is the most essential wardrobe investment they have made so far.

A leather jacket is a plush and luxurious clothing item so you should look out for various stores before investing in it. In this blog, we have summed up some valuable and trending brands for genuine leather jackets in Perth. Let us have a detailed look.


SCIN is said to be one of the most popular brands of leatherwear and leather jackets in Australia. They provide a variegated range of leather jackets. The top-notch quality jackets incorporate different styles – for instance – biker leather jackets and blazers. The SCIN’s leather jacket completes your outfit look with a spectrum of multiple fits and finishes. Their jackets add the perfect touch to your personality and ensure to keep you during colder weather.

SCIN has an extensive variety in its stock when it comes to chic female leather jackets. They have a larger range of leather and faux leather jackets available in an array of different colors such as brown, black, pink, purple, and red, and some shades of blue – lighter and darker. If you are looking to shop for durable leather jackets Perth while staying within your budget then this is the brand you should go for.

2. Apparelnbags

Apparelnbags is another leather care company located in Australia. If you have been looking for a killer leather jacket that will prove to be a worthy investment for you in the longer run, then Apparelnbags is the brand that is your safest bet. It not only offers a variety of genuine leather jackets in Perth but also guarantees durability and longevity of them. The leather jackets at Apparelnbags are curated with extreme details and by skilled craftsmen. This brand entails mini leather jackets, puffer-style leather jackets, and biker-leather jackets. They have introduced high-quality blazers as well.

It can be said that Apparelnbags is a leather care brand for strong, brave, and resilient women. It has very well incorporated modernity and classiness all at once. They have jackets available in a variety of colors – such as – black, brown, red, and rose gold. You can find jackets of fig, ivory, and almond color here as well. You cannot get away once you see the beautiful finishing, cuts, and details on these leather jackets.

3. Leatherwear

Leatherwear is a brand for leather jackets in Australia that used genuine sheepskin leather material in the making of their jackets. It projects a classy aesthetic feel and gives a vintage look to the overall outfit. Leatherwear usually caters to that group of consumers that have particular preferences and dressing styles. Leatherwear is in authentic leather jacket brand that highlights trendiness and adds an antiquated look to your wardrobe. The most prominent feature of this brand is that they design jackets for people of all ages – especially women. Leatherwear helps in securing a spot for you that will protect your elite fashion look so that you’d be able to rock the look with comfort and ease on all occasions.

Leatherwear has turned out to be one of the most different and distinct brands of leather jackets in Australia. It has made its unique presence and has left a benchmark for other competitors as well. It not only offers a wide variety of sheepskin leather jackets but also knows what it takes to rock the look completely by all means of clothing. Apart from black and brown, they have jackets available in other primary colors as well. If you are in the mood to shop something vintage, class, and stylish, then Leatherwear jackets surely won’t disappoint you. Give it a try.

4. Manning Cartell

Manning Cartell is a premium and high-quality leather jacket brand in Australia. It was started by three sisters who were very well aware of how modern fashion works and how today’s women want to look and feel about their wardrobe. These sisters analyzed and worked on the idea of creativity, feminity, and style that will bring delight and joy to the women when they wear Manning Cartell’s leather jackets. This brand revolves around the phenomenon of creative clothing along with a pinch of contemporary style. Their jackets also have a stunning and ageless touch to their clothing pieces – for instance- their long trench coats and small bomber jackets.

It’s their mission to sell their best and exclusive pieces. Their stylish and timeless leather wear complements the wardrobe perfectly and there is no second opinion about it. If you are willing to add a cool and chic factor to your outfit then Manning Cartell can help you in pulling off that look. Apart from trench coats and bomber jackets, they have also introduced leather blazers, high-neck, wide-collar, and slim-fit leather wear jackets and sweaters.

5. Farfetch

Are you picky regarding your outerwear and always want to look out for the best and unique options available and styles to don? Farfetch is that one leather jacket brand that can easily help you in creating a different and complete outfit that will make you stand out in the pool of people. Famous for its luxury fashion and outstanding customer experience, Farfetch emphasizes rising and modern fashion trends and leather jackets that have a touch of loud and versatile look to them. Due to this reason, their leather jackets usually entail big shiny buttons, golden zippers, larger belted waists, slim-necks, high-necks, and cropped, cut leather jackets too.

The best part about Farfetch is that they offer free shopping all over Australia. This brand caters to both sets of genders – that is men and women. Farfetch is known to provide classy, chic, and trendy leather jacket designs that are not only appealing but also loud by the look of it. Their signature style is long shiny coats. Farfetch has an extensive variety of cool and calm leather wear which is nothing short of a timeless wardrobe dream. The stylish leather jackets are available in different colors, cuts, finishes, fits, and designs particularly everyone’s all-time favorite black and brown.

Wrap up

This was all about the top-known leather jackets in Perth companies located in Australia. The appealing feature of leather care brands in Australia is that they are designed for both men and women and no one has to go outside Australia to shop for them when they have the best locally made quality available. Now that you have all the relevant and important information about the leather jacket companies in Australia, you can go on a shopping spree with your friends and family and check out which company’s brand attracts you and in whom you would like to invest for a good-quality leather jacket.


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