Top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years
Top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years

Top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years

“Many thank you, Empress, I will severely recollect it.” Han Jue nodded and said, he did observe the problem in his coronary heart, Since Queen Houtu is inclined to guide Hidden Sect, he doesn`t want to be too taboo. Top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years

Han Jue smiled secretly, there’s the cultivation approach you handed down, you don`t ought to count?

Azure Phoenix is ​​now no longer a normal man or woman. It has a unique bloodline, however, it hasn`t been handed to Han Tuo.

How can her bloodline evaluate Han Jue?

Although the beginning isn’t always Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23 simple, Azure Phoenix does now no longer have a cultivation base. Han Jue has calculated that she turned cursed whilst she turned young, and the alternative party`s cultivation base turned into Supreme Unity True Immortal cultivation base, and it turned cursed. Not her, but her parents.

If it weren`t for Han Jue, Azure Phoenix might have already died in a blizzard.

Han Jue said: “It`s okay, you die and you’ve got any other one.” Azure Phoenix glared at Han Jue and said, “What are you speakme approximately!”

“Teach you, don`t worry, his child Heavens facilitates the worthy, and I will bless him.”

“Ai, it`s a pity, he doesn`t have a spirit root, he blames me…”


Azure Phoenix is ​​in self-blame. Han Jue didn`t ask why you’re all to blame. For the ones matters approximately Azure Phoenix, he knew the entirety approximately it, and he didn`t even use the evolution function.

Han Jue raised his eyes and regarded the flying snow outdoor the town. A little fellow is drawing close the East Shoucheng.

The disaster of Dongshoucheng is coming.

A massive rock fell from the sky and hit the town wall of the east defense town. The town wall trembled, and the rubble flew around. , More than a dozen squaddies had been injured, and 4 of them became meatloaf at the spot.

Han Tuo now no longer a long way away regarded light and trembling.

He inherited Han Jue`s face and regarded great the various surrounding squaddies, however withinside the face of existence and death, he turned very flustered.

Although frame refinement has usually been normal, however, he not often can combat.

He became his head to look, and there has been a massive silhouette drawing close to the various flying snow. The indistinct shadow regarded to return from Nine Serenities Yellow Springs, which turned into coronary heart palpitating and taken despair.

“Earth Immortal Realm`s ominous beast! Be careful, everyone, its hearthplace can burn the soul!”

An Immortal Master at the tower withinside the distance shouted, his tone Horrified. His phrases made the squaddies at the town wall panic, and Heaven`s cultivator additionally kept away in a hurry, for worry of being targeted.

There are constantly ominous beasts speeding below the town wall. These ominous beasts aren’t massive in size. It has been almost 30,000 years on account that Heavenly Dao restarted already.

The first batch of innate creatures and ominous beasts already reproduced offspring. The flair of the second era isn’t always as proper because of the first era. The bloodline conflicts with skills and consumes one era. More and extra mediocre creatures appear.

Of course, the creatures of the vast majority are very robust, simply due to the fact Human Race is likewise weak, the robust ones don`t have trouble seeking out Human Race, or if they understand that Human Race has a background, it`s essentially Immortal that issues seeking out Human Race. The ominous beast and innate race at the lowest of the World.

Even so, Human Race can not expand.

Tragedies like Dongshoucheng aren’t uncommon.

Han Tuo checked out the combat ahead. He tightly held the iron gun in his hand and picked down the ominous beast that turned into continuously speeding at the town wall.

As the struggle continued, Han Tuo steadily have become numb.

I don`t understand how lengthy this battle lasted. Every time Han Tuo felt that he turned approximately to die, the ominous beast`s assault took place to fail. Han Tuo felt that he turned into a trance. The protracted struggle made him extraordinarily tortured. Perhaps he turned deep in one`s coronary heart and desired to die.

Until the cease of the struggle, the City Lord introduced that frontline squaddies should move domestically and rest. Han Tuo went domestic with an entire frame wound, and the greetings from the servants along the way, he turned simply nodded in a trance. Unconsciously, he got here into the courtyard and observed that Father turned into nevertheless searching the sky in a trance, like a stone statue.

Han Jue felt his gaze, glanced down at him, and smiled barely at him.

Han Tuo turned into a daze, and his coronary heart all of sudden have become warm.

Why does he need to combat?

Just to guard this domestic! Han Tuo got here to Han Jue and knelt, cupped one fist withinside the different hand, and said: “father! I am again alive!” Looking at his excited look, Han Jue smiled and reached out to stroke his head. “Thank you.” Han Jue whispered. Han Tuo couldn`t undergo the grievance, so he burst into tears.

He remains a baby after all.

Han Jue positioned them in his palms Website developer without comforting him and followed him in silence. Long time. Han Tuo raised his head and asked: “Father, you don`t appear to be frightened of the disaster of the East Shoucheng.” Throughout childhood, he has by no means visible his father panicked, manifestly there’s no spirit.

Why can the normal man or woman of root be so calm and composed?

He even felt that Han Jue turned extra calm than the Immortal Master he had visible. Han Jue replied:

“What`s using being afraid, is it feasible for the daddy to wipe out ominous beasts for Human Race?”

Han Tuo can best appear as Han Jue unfastened and easy.

Top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years
Top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years

“Don`t you need to cultivation, why do you need to enroll in the army?”

Han Jue all of sudden asked. Han Tuo turned stunned and said: “I need to cultivation, however Top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years


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