Study MBBS in China
Study MBBS in China

What You Should Know About Study MBBS in China

Are you thinking about pursuing an MBBS in China? In that case, you are in the right place. We will give you all the information you require about MBBS studies in China in this blog post. So that you may choose your education wisely, we’ll discuss subjects including the educational system, course design, entrance standards, and more.

Why MBBS Study in China?

For aspirant medical professionals wishing to further their studies in a recognized foreign nation, studying MBBS in China is a fantastic chance. Due to its cutting-edge facilities, affordable tuition, and top-tier medical institutes, MBBS in China has experienced tremendous growth in popularity in recent years.

Studying MBBS in China would give students access to some of the top medical resources available because China is home to some of the best universities in the world. Students will gain from China’s rich cultural environment as more and more international students choose to study MBBS there.

MBBS in China offers thorough instruction and experience that aids students in gaining the clinical skills and information necessary for becoming successful doctors, in addition to its first-rate infrastructure. The MBBS curriculum in China also includes lectures on general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, pharmacology, and other subjects.

Additionally, students who decide to pursue an MBBS in China can benefit from the extensive public health infrastructure and cutting-edge medical equipment available there. Before beginning their medical careers, this presents a great chance for them to develop their clinical abilities and get practical experience.

Given all the advantages, it is understandable that more and more students are thinking about pursuing their medical education in China by enrolling in an MBBS program.

What Is the Application Process for Chinese Medical School Admission?

The admissions process for those intending to pursue MBBS in China can be a little intimidating. There are some standard stages that must be fulfilled, however, the process for admission to a Chinese medical college differs based on the college.

Choosing an appropriate college and applying there are the first two steps. In order to accomplish this, candidates must submit an application form together with the necessary paperwork, which includes a copy of their passport, financial documentation, and confirmation of academic credentials.

Students must take an English language competence test after submitting their application and all other paperwork. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or another exam accepted by the college may be required, depending on the college you are applying to.

You will be needed to show up for an interview with college officials after passing the language competence test. Your academic history, your future goals, and any other details pertaining to your course choices may be discussed during the interview.

After you have successfully completed the interview, you must pay the program’s tuition and other costs. Before entering China, you could additionally require a student visa.

Following this, the college will send you an acceptance letter, which you can use to apply for your student visa. You can depart for China and start your studies once your visa has been granted.

What Are the Requirements to Study MBBS in China?

Before being accepted into a medical school, applicants must fulfill a number of qualifying requirements in order to study MBBS in China. Candidates must have received a minimum of 55% in their Higher Secondary Examination (HSE) or an equivalent in order to be eligible. The student must also have earned passing grades in each of the following HSE subjects: English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

It’s also crucial to remember that the Chinese government has made passing the HSK a requirement for pupils (Chinese Proficiency Test). The Chinese National Education Administration offers the HSK test, which has three levels. A Level 3 or above or a minimum score is required for MBBS studies.

In addition, many Chinese colleges require international applicants to take the Entrance Exam for International Students (EEIS). Candidates’ knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, and the English language is tested on this exam. You might also be required to provide paperwork, such as your passport and visa, a health certificate from a nearby hospital, and evidence of your ability to support yourself, depending on the university you choose.

There are additional choices available for people who want to study MBBS in China but don’t match the requirements. For instance, pre-medical courses are offered by various universities, which can help you be ready for the entrance tests and meet the educational criteria. As opposed to earning an entire MBBS degree, these courses are frequently more cheap and shorter.

What Is the MBBS Course Curriculum in China?

The MBBS curriculum in China is a demanding one that normally lasts six years. Students gain a thorough understanding of fundamental medical concepts during the course’s first three years, which are devoted to general medical courses. The next three years are devoted to clinical practice at connected hospitals and clinics, providing students with real-world experience and enhancing their professional abilities.

There are two key sections to the MBBS course structure in China: Clinical practice and fundamental medical science.

Basic Medical Science: Over the course of the first three years, students take courses in community medicine, anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, and pharmacology. Additionally, they will be trained in diagnostic and therapeutic management, as well as laboratory procedures.

Clinical Practice: Over the course of the final three years of the program, students shadow practicing doctors in facilities like clinics, hospitals, and labs to get real-world experience. Additionally, they will learn how to make medical diagnoses, write prescriptions, and carry out treatments.

Most MBBS programs incorporate extracurricular activities including field excursions, seminars, internships, and volunteer work in addition to traditional classroom instruction. These lessons educate students for future occupations and give them invaluable insight into the medical field.

What Are the Best Universities in China to Study MBBS?

When it comes to MBBS (Medical Bachelor of Science) programs, China offers some of the greatest universities in the entire globe. Aspiring students have access to a wide variety of medical education and research possibilities at these universities. The best universities to study MBBS in china include:

  1. Peking University: One of China’s oldest and most prestigious universities, Peking University was established in 1898. With a focus on clinical practice and research activities, it includes a distinct school of medicine that offers a six-year MBBS degree. All of Peking University’s students receive high-quality medical education thanks to the university’s highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff.
  2. Zhejiang University: Zhejiang University is regarded as one of the best and most prestigious MBBS universities in China. The six-year MBBS curriculum at this university places equal emphasis on theoretical learning and clinical practice. This university’s graduates have achieved significant success in their professional pursuits.
  3. Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Another excellent university in China for MBBS studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is located in Shanghai. The six-year MBBS curriculum at this university emphasizes both theoretical and clinical practice. One of China’s top medical universities thanks to the university’s significant emphasis on research activities.
  4. Sun Yat-sen University: Sun Yat-sen University is among China’s top medical schools for MBBS studies. The institution boasts a contemporary medical campus with well-equipped facilities and a faculty with extensive experience. This university’s six-year MBBS program emphasizes both theoretical and practical training.

These are some of the best universities in China to study MBBS. Prior to selecting a university, it’s crucial to weigh your alternatives and determine which one is the best fit for you. Before applying, be sure to conduct in-depth research on each university and learn more about their program, professors, costs, etc.


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