Cold drawn steel bar is also called an intermediate steel product because the steel bars are cold-drawn in the first stage, a process where steel plates are heated and rolled under pressure in a series of steps that gradually draw them to thinner and stronger steel bars.

Cold drawing is a very economical means of producing steel bars of many different shapes. Steel bars of different sizes are produced from continuous steel coils in a continuous cold drawing operation, which is an automated process.

“Cold drawn steel bar” is also known as “cold finished steel bar.” In the past, the steel was drawn using hydraulic stainless steel cold drawn bar equipment or hydraulic presses, which was a laborious and time-consuming method. Nowadays, the cold drawn steel bar process has been automated. It is done entirely automatically.

This technology produces bars in the desired shapes in a much faster and more cost-effective manner. Because of its high efficiency, this type of production is becoming increasingly popular.

Cold drawing of steel bars is generally divided into two stages: preheating and cold drawing. In the first stage, the continuous coil steel bar is heated to 400o C. Then it is heated again, to a temperature of 800o C and slowly cooled at a speed of 0o C per minute.


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